Who can submit to SIGH Journal?
Anyone can - we love receiving photographic work from all over the world whether it be fashion, documentary still life, video etc.

What do we look for in photography?
Here at SIGH Journal we love both  aesthetically beautiful imagery and imagery that breaks photographic genre norms. Check out our various social channels to help gain an idea of what look for in a SIGH Journal body of work.

Do we comission work?
SIGH Journal is still in its infancy and we are currently unable to pay for any commissioned work. However, the aim is to get to that stage and the more we grow, the more we believe this is possible.

Specifications for SIGH Journal online: 1. Images need to be 1500 pixels on the longest edge. 2. Full credits for both clothing and team if necessary (please include websites and instagram names).

We will reply to everoyne that sends in photographic and written works to us within 7 days.

Do we provide pull letters?
We can provide a pull letter upon request. However, this does not ensure the editorial to be published with SIGH Journal.

Does the copyright of the imagery remain with the photographer?
Yes, unless SIGH Journal agree with the image creator otherwise.

If you do have any more questions please email submit@sighjournal.com and one of our team will get back to you as quickly as we can.

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