Nag’s Head Market

"For almost half a century, Nag’s Head Market has stood as a symbol of resilience and longevity amid the continual transformation of Holloway.
Nostalgia is built in with decades-old stalls; slabs of meat are chopped before you, a greetings card shop still has a charming 90s feel, and peculiar knick-knacks lie waiting to be discovered. Reflecting the local community, henna parlours, Afro-Caribbean hair shops, Himalayan salt lamps and halal offerings can also be found in the indoor market. But Nag’s Head calls for more than your traditional market. Originally catching my attention was a new sushi eatery, enticing me inside and swiftly becoming my reason to be there on the regular. Photographing neighbouring marketeers while waiting for nigiri to be served, I discovered that this market understands how to adapt and evolve to modern trends. Recent culinary movements such as veganism and gluten-free(ism) are embraced alongside street food staples like jerk chicken, roti and cannoli. Nags Head Market delights me to no end. “Hidden gem” is an often overused phrase in London area guides, but I still think Nags Head Market, concealed behind betting shops, pubs and pound stores in boisterous Holloway, deserves the expression.” - Michael Barry

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