Miles Away

by Jessica Ashley-Stokes

Jessica Ashley-Stokes is a social documentary and portrait photographer, recently graduated from Falmouth University. During her studies, Ashley-Stokes became curious about the cultural processes of othering. She began to work closely with marginalised groups and individuals to explore untold narratives in the South West. Enthused by alternative living and the close-knit communities she visited, her visual language became increasingly intimate and honest.

She lives in a world surrounded by peace. Absent from the technological chaos, her rural childhood embraces contemplation, discovery, and challenge, forcing her to absorb the natural elements produced from her motherland.

Documented over a duration of time, I delicately observed a singular child, Alice. Miles away in distant imagination, the soft sound of nature’s melodies encouraged regular moments of stillness. Recorded through her performative language and gaze, I was enthused by the compelling relationship shared between her distant trail of thought and the maternal space that surrounded her.

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