In Conversation With: The Halpin Sisters

Photography: Katy Thomas
Models: Joanna + Sarah Halpin @ Premier Digital
Stylist: Toni Caroline
Make Up: Poppy Micklem
Hair: Miho Emori

Blouses - PHO London, Earrings - Mirabelle

SIGH Journal : Hello! Please tell us about yourselves.
Halpin Sisters : Hello hello! We are sisters, models, creatives. We grew up in a small town in Cornwall, but are now both based in London where we desperately try to juggle full time modelling with running What She Said.

Shirt - Preen Line, Trousers - Preen Line, Earrings - Mirabelle.  >> Top - Jamie Wei Huang, Dress - Archive by Alexa 

SIGH Journal : This summer looks like you've managed to explore Europe; what was your favourite place and have you got any fun stories from your adventures?
Halpin Sisters : Yes, we’ve been very fortunate this summer and have managed to visit some beautiful counties; it’s hard to pin point a favourite. But believe us, there are a multitude of stories. 

Shirts- Steven Tai.  >>  Shirt - Xiao Li

SIGH Journal : Obviously, you're two very cool ladies. Do you think that your heritage and upbringing has affected this?
Halpin Sisters : Firstly, thank you. This question crops up rather frequently, yet never tires… Whilst we obviously think are parents are pretty great, we wouldn't say our upbringing was the ‘coolest’… Cornwall is a world away from everything we’re doing right now. And we spent most of our childhood climbing trees with rather questionable haircuts…which we wouldn’t change for anything.

SIGH Journal : Do you prefer modelling or the creative direction? Or do you think that there will always be room for both in your artistic lives?
Halpin Sisters : For the time being, we are really enjoying combining both. However, as What She Said continues to evolve there will likely be a time where creative direction/working with brands becomes more of a focus than modelling.

Top - Jamie Wei Huang, Dress - Archive by Alexa, Boots - Rue Street

SIGH Journal : We love your approach to creative direction, where do you draw your influence from?
Halpin Sisters : Everything, everywhere.

SIGH Journal : What do you look for when approaching and working with photographers?
Halpin Sisters : Whilst we love working with familiar faces, we are constantly on the look-out for new photographers whose aesthetic aligns with our own.

Dress - Xiao Li.  >>  Top and Dress - Steven Tai, Trousers - Preen Line 

SIGH Journal : How do you find the modelling industry right now, and is there anything that needs to change?
Halpin Sisters : We think there is always going to be room for change within this industry. But feel we’re in a time where many of these issues are being raised, which is great to see.

SIGH Journal : How do you find working together, is it as fun as it looks?
Halpin Sisters : Mostly. We think within any (creative) partnership there’s bound to be both high/low points. (Our low points are perhaps heightened through ‘siblingness’. But there is nothing better.

Dress - Xiao Li. >> Shirt Dress and Shirt - Minnan Hui, Coat - Xiao Li, Trousers - Jamie Wei Huang

SIGH Journal : When you started What She Said, did you expect it to grow like it has?
Halpin Sisters : Absolutely, most definitely not. But we are so grateful and overwhelmed by the direction it’s heading.

Blouses - PHO London, Earrings - Mirabelle

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