Marianne and Sophie, two of our editors, headed into the heart of Soho to check out the Foreign Affairs X Axel Arigato Exhibiton, curated by Undine Markus and Holly Rae Jones.

‘FOREIGN AFFAIRS brought together twelve young international photographers to negotiate concepts of gender, identity, and belonging through a personal and honest lens. The exhibition seeked to tap into themes of alienation, fame, gender nonconformity, intimacy, and community though documentary, portraiture and conceptual photography, uniting and juxtaposing perspectives from New York, Lagos, Bogota, Miami, Los Angeles, London, and Toronto. The exhibition presented original works that captured moments often reserved for the off-line lives, featuring individuals and communities through a prism that is socially, racially, and geographically diverse’ - Foreign Affairs

The exhibtion consisted of twelve photographers: 

Aidan Cullen  // NYC  

Amarachi Nwosu  // Lagos - NYC - Tokyo

Ashani  // LA - NYC

 Ben Taylor  // NYC

Joshua Aronson  // NYC

Katrina Cervoni  // Toronto

Mikayla Gamble  // Miami, Florida

Naomi Wong  // London

Natalie Yang  // LA - NYC

Neva Wireko  // Toronto

Undine Markus  // LA - NYC

Creative Direction by

Holly Rae Jones  // London

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